Greene's Gun Shop

In the early 1940’s Mr. & Mrs. Greene purchased the property where the range now is located. Because of this it has been possible to have a shooting facility that has been open to the public. 

After 50 years of operation it has become necessary to make some significant changes to attempt to be able to keep the range open.

Due to the closure of gravel pits and diminishing places to shoot there has been an increase of new persons coming to use the range. Unfortunatey many of these people are not serious about shooting and are mainly interested in merely shooting off rounds for general entertainment. This sort of shooting is not what the range has been designed for. The increase of range use has greatly added to more maintaince and a great increase of trash by non responsible shooters. The need to eliminate that facet of shooting at this range has become evident.

The range is here for persons serious about their shooting and who what to have a place to improve their skills, challenge their abilities, test new loads and basically have an enjoyable place to shoot. For those of you who are looking for that kind of shooting environment an effort is being made to keep the rifle range up and running. To do this it has been decided to limit the use of the rifle range to members only. With membership being a criteria to use the rifle range it is hopes it will be able to remain open. To be able to provide the best facility a range of this size can offer the number of members will be limited.

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Greenes Gunshop is now a Factory Trained and Certified CeraKote dealer and applicator!

We buy and sell new and used firearms

Complete line of accessories

In house custom gunsmithing

Custom gun refinishing

We Buy and Sell Guns

50, 100 and 200 yard Rifle Ranges with covered shooting stations (Members Only!)

Pistol range with covered shooting stations (No Membership required!)

Rental pistols available

Consignment firearms welcome



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